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2006/05/07 They can shoot us now. Go ahead. (4)


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| They can shoot us now. Go ahead.  [나의 서재]

"They can shoot us now. Go ahead. They can put us in jail. Feel free. They can beat us. Do it, I've paid for better. They can throw us out of first-floor windows. But we can fly. They can say how it ain't on their monopoly media. Please do. They can equate our justice with their violence. Of course they will. They can draft in liberals to steal ideals. You know they'll try. They can ban us. Stop us. Fight us. Scare us. Kill us. They can close airports, stations, roads and minds. They can provoke and scheme. Cheat and prosper. Distort and destroy. They can create laws, more laws and by-laws to suit themselves. They can build bigger and better weapons to attack us with and to enrich their pals. They can sell us crap, sell us fear and sell us out. They can call us consumers not citizens. Apathetic not angry. Disinterested not disillusioned. They can make us despair and weep, fear and loathe, run and hide. They can take our work, our money and our lives. But we come with justice and fire. We come with honour and ideas. We come with decency and desire. We come now and we come as unstoppable as the rain. They can shoot us now. Go ahead."
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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/05/07 23:56
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