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2005/10/19 Where's my arc? (6)
2005/10/19 NeoGeoCD for GP2X (8)


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| Where's my arc?  [길 위의 이야기]

Christopher: That's it. I don't wanna just survive. It says in these movie-writin' books that every character has an 'arc.' You understand?
Paulie: [shakes his head].

Christopher: Like, everybody starts out somewheres, then they do somethin', or somethin' gets done to them. It changes their life. That's called their arc. Where's my arc?
Paulie: [shrugs].

Christopher: Like, take Richard Kimball, right? No, that's no good. His arc is run, run, jump off a dam, run. Ahh [pause] Keanu Reeves. Devil's Advocate. You see that?
Paulie [smiling with recognition]: Al! [Pacino]

Christopher: Right. Keanu's a lawyer. Gets all turned on by power, money, the devil. Then his wife says to him: "You're not the man I married." Leaves him. You see the arc? He starts down here [holds his hand in front of his face]; he ends up here [moves his hand upward]. Where's my arc, Paulie?
Paulie: Kid, Richard Kimball, the devil's whatever: those are all make believe. Hey, I got no arc either. I was born, grew up, spent a few years in the army, a few more in the can ?and here I am, a half a wise guy. So what?

Christopher: I got no identity!

from "The Sopranos" Season One, Episode VIII, written by Frank Renzulli and David Chase, directed by Tim Van Patten.
2005/10/19 15:58 2005/10/19 15:58

Posted by lunamoth on 2005/10/19 15:58
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| NeoGeoCD for GP2X  [하드웨어/GP2X]

NeoGeoCD for GP2X - GP32x.com

GP2X 개발자의 공간NK님이 제작중인 NeoGeoCD 에뮬레이터 구동 동영상을 공개하셨더군요. 현재 메탈 슬러그에어로 파이터 2의 구동 동영상을 보실 수 있습니다. "게임 하는데는 지장 없을 듯 한 속도"이며 "CD 트랙 재생 기능은 잠시 빼둔 상태" 라고 합니다. / D-16, 472/500

Key Word 'GP2X', 관련글
2005/10/19 05:50 2005/10/19 05:50

Posted by lunamoth on 2005/10/19 05:50
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